Manifest Destin E​.​P.

by Elephant Gunn

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The second E.P. from Elephant Gunn. After a year of growth, Elephant Gunn comes back with a 9 track that ranges from clobber-you-over-the-head heavy, to translucently mellow. Songs that have a little bit of everything for everybody, there's sure to be at least one song here that will get stuck in your head for days.


released June 18, 2013

Elephant Gunn is.......

Vincent Chavez - guitar, vocals
Michael Rodriguez - guitar, vocals
Zachary Young - bass, vocals
Craig Merchant - drums, vocals



all rights reserved


Elephant Gunn Phoenix, Arizona

Across the desert sands you can hear the music float like wafting smoke rising from the flame. It is Elephant Gunn, bringing psychedelic sounds the likes of have not been heard in countless years. Playing the music of the glory of creation, from the flower that springs forth from the prickly cactus, to the immeasurable infinity of the cosmos. ... more

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Track Name: The Wake
Verse 1
When I awake I can't take the state of being
I need some time to fill my mind with something pleasing
It isn't easy to know this feeling in just one sitting
A couple hours, no longer sour, I can't stop laughing

Now I'm up, all fucked up

No sign of life when the morning breaks
A green desire leads to the wake

Verse 2
Alone at night I can't fight, I lay my head down
There's no sleep, I lay and think, can't drown the noise out
A moment later some smoking air breathed into my lungs
My eyes are closed, my mind's exposed and now the day is done
Track Name: Distant Winds
Verse 1
Well take me, take me down into the abyss.
To get away, gotta get away from all of this (fuckin' bullshit)
well it's the only thing that I ever have known
But I got a feeling that I won't, no i won't be here
For too long oh no she says!

Well I gone to the distant winds somewhere I've never been
Lord knows I'm gonna run till I'm free again Going straight into the sun.

Verse 2
Well your holding me down, holding me down with your superficial grip.
As I distance my mind, baby I tried to know that feeling called bliss.
As I cross the line long ago.
And I'll never look back never go back for that poor old soul.
Oh no he says!
Track Name: Suffocated By A Supernova
Suffocated by a supernova
Beneath the weight of what I must overcome
Failing reactors, explosions, disasters
There's so much destruction, I guess I am dead
Track Name: Raise The Dead
I throw the spear, right through the ear
Our message clear We are the cure, we are the cure

Cause we'll be your head
When you need to bend
We'll heal instead (as we raise the dead)

The trigger is on the finger We watch you run
The darkness going deeper Beneath the sun
Track Name: Vault Living
Verse 1
What we are is what we see in this world
Our mother's long past dead, paid in full
The only present is the past and its mistakes
Looking through a broken land, a barren waste

Out of the cage and into the fire
Vault living, the death of desire

Verse 2
Life outside was made anew before we came
And now we feed upon ourselves, its still the same
Is there hope for all mankind and a chance for change?
Not that likely, so it seems, forever estranged
Track Name: In Misery
Verse 1
Work all day, work all night, just wanna go home so I can rest my bones
But there ain't no sleep for the human meat, just ask me how I know
I wanna lie here in my bed until the day that I am dead
I feel like my life is going nowhere, please just wake me when its over

Someday you'll see, you'll find that happiness you seek
But I want it now, I'll burn this world down to the ground
In misery is where you'll be should you succeed
But you should know, in misery is where I am

Verse 2
I am simple, I am plain and its driving me insane
I just wanted to be special, don't we all, yeah don't we all?
But hey, fuck it, that's just me and after all its all that I can be
Misery has found me, she's my only company
Track Name: Faded Sign
Verse 1
All that we seem to be is merely a dream
A nearly endless one for sure
And all I want to be passes like the seasons giving way
A fleeting blur

But all I know is what's divine
A faded sign speaks to me inside my mind

Verse 2
All that we're meant to do is simply what we choose
Nothing more and nothing less
And when we cease to be all we see is what we've left behind
And what we've missed

And we won't make it out alive
A whispered voice surpasses time, penetrates deep inside my mind