The Gunn E​.​P.

by Elephant Gunn

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The first foray into recorded music by Elephant Gunn. Many songs have been practiced and created in the first year of the band's formation, but the 5 best of the time were selected for being recorded. 300 dollars later, BOOM! Their first studio recorded material.


released June 22, 2011

Vincent Chavez - Guitar, Vocals
Michael Rodriguez - Guitar, Vocals
Zachary Young - Bass
Craig Merchant - Drums

Recorded at AudioConfusion in Mesa, AZ



all rights reserved


Elephant Gunn Phoenix, Arizona

Across the desert sands you can hear the music float like wafting smoke rising from the flame. It is Elephant Gunn, bringing psychedelic sounds the likes of have not been heard in countless years. Playing the music of the glory of creation, from the flower that springs forth from the prickly cactus, to the immeasurable infinity of the cosmos. ... more

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Track Name: Breathing
Verse 1
In the valley of the sun, when the lights go down and the day is gone
"Pick your sin," is what they say, ain't much else to do in this place
Though we keep on keepin' on, win some lose some, that's all right with me
You couldn't understand on the outside looking in

Its easier to get stuck in a place you know
Keep breathing and one day you'll let go

Verse 2
In the light of the night, pick your poison, pick it right
Fire the gun and draw it in, load it up and shoot again
The valley lives in me, it's what I am it's what I see
You just might understand we're on the outside looking in

I'll help you make it as long as you fake it
Making it better as long as you're better
Track Name: G.O.M. (God's Own Medicine)
Verse 1
How low can we go, how I feel the needle

Chorus 1
I have taken my last step, hold my breath it's true
The situation is looking better from this view

Chorus 2
I have taken my last step, hold my breath. I have taken my last breath.
The situation x3

Just go away, no need for you to stay.
Track Name: Hey Man
Hey man, I'm a time bomb waiting to explode before all of the world
Now insane from the high from the love of the drugs that you deny me

Chorus 1
Because I'm feeling kinda high
Now I've lost my mind

Verse 2
Hey man you gotta open up your eyes and see You gotta see that you're a slave to the TV
Believe me when I say That they control, how they control our brains

They tried to make us behave
Gotta tell them no way
Fuck them, no way
Track Name: I Got Time
Verse 1
Got time but got no patience, stuck in my aggravation
It pulls me down, I love the sound
Wasted days and wasted nights, take a breath and then I find
Another day is gone and I'm so far gone

But I got time, all the time in the world
And all that I can be is what I do with the time I'm given

Verse 2
Got all this time to waste but I still can't find my place
Deluded and dissenting, people always condescending
I guess I have no choice, I gotta make them hear my voice
The sands are moving slow and the thought gets old
Track Name: Forever
Can't look away, I am glued Eyes fixed upon, the way that you move Around
And I'm hoping that the feeling will stay
Cause I'm feeling so damn good.

Verse 1
I can hardly stand , god my knees are weak again All from the way we move
Just ahead lies the road's end And I hope to meet you there
Together without a care

Pre chorus
Now aware of the feelings that we share are quite appealing to me
And I feel like I can use a little more time, lord knows that I need you here.
Baby every night that your gone, it's always to long for me.

Yet I feel you now , and I see you somehow
even though you're not around

And I need you to guide me
All the way back home
For I search and roamed for too long
You're what I needed all along